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Related post: Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 05:03:50 EST From: Subject: Pure Lights- Chapter One (fantasy)Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction that includes myth, magic, and angels. It contains the relationship between two males. The events are figments of the author's imagination. If you are repulsed by any of the contains of this story please feel free to leave. If you are not old enough to be here, please leave immediately.Authors Notes: This is my second story. This is a story of love, mystery and magic. It is not a story to get off on. And yes there will be a lovemaking scene sometime in this story. It lola bunny nude pic may contain some sexual tension between the characters. Please enjoy reading this story. I would love to hear your comments of what you think of this story. Feel free to email me at Lights Chapter 1- Angel to the Rescue In ancient times, the world was full of pure lights. Pure lights where human beings that possessed pure light within their hearts, their minds and their souls. Pure lights were also watched for and guarded by angels, in case the dark lights wanted to assassinate them, to gain power from the pure lights, and become stronger. A pure light didn't receive their light until a certain time. The stronger the light, the ls-magazine bbs lolita portal more feared the dark lights were. The dark lights where the total opposite of the pure lights, filled with hate, jealousy, and greed. Their powers were more weak then a pure lights. Chaos ruled over the dark lights, insistent that the world kdz lolita porn preteen be covered with hatred and darkness. Chaos started to have its minions find and kill all the pure lights, so it can gain as much power to blanket the world. The world was in devastation, when Chaos had almost complete control of the world. But, the remaining pure lights and their guardian angels got together and pulled their lights together and sent Chaos to another dimension, never to return again, filling the world with warm light. The dark lights still existed in the world but hidden hot little nymphet lolita in shadows so not to be seen in the light. For if preteen lolita incest bbs they stepped in the light, like vampires, they would start to turn to ash. So they mostly worked at night, seeking the pure lights and gaining power for Chaos to rule over the earth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the present future... High above the city, a single angel sits on one of the tallest buildings that residented the city. Looking out to see any sign of pure lights. With his wings tucked behind his back he let the wind blow free through is dishwater blonde hair. His body was of one that, of a swimmer build. Deep green were his pupils that echoed the color of spring. He stood about six three, manly facial features, with a goatee on his chin. He did not look an age past 25, but little lolitas preteens nudist like most angels they are much older then they look. "Any sign of pure lights today angel Matthew?" A female voice broke him out of his concentration. Matthew turned around and saw a female with fire red hair, blue eyes, and stood about five seven. Her hair as soft as silk and went down a little past her mid-back. "So far, no sign of anything, Myra." Matthew answered back. "Reports from this morning saying that 68 pure lights were killed last night. We need to find our pure lights so we can guard and protect them." lolita nude art foto Myra let the sun's warmth hit her face. "It's to bad that the lights don't know when they are one. They don't know what fate or destiny lolita angel art gallery has in store for them. That is why we are here. I just wished that I found french nude lolita pic my pure light so I can protect them at all costs, even if that means my very existence." Matthew continued his scanning of the tiny russian lolita porn city. "They say that we feel our pure lights, when their light will finally glow. 14y o lolita models It's you can feel them, see what they are thinking, feel their every emotion." Myra added. "Well Myra, I'm going to call it a day. I'm going to go and take a nice hot shower, and hit the bed. So, I'll see you tomorrow." Matthew kissed Myra on the cheek. Myra turned crimson red, like she always does, when anyone would kiss her. Matthew opened his wings that spanned eight feet wide and took off in the air. Matthew was not your average male angel. For as long as he could remember he always liked looking a guy's body. But there was a code and rule amongst the angels; they can naked young little lolitas not be involved in any sexual act, unless it was pure and true love. Myra knew that Matthew was gay, and she loved him for it. She had a pal that would look at guys. They both enjoyed each others company would protected art nude ukranian loli each other from any danger that befell them. Matthew landed on the roof of the building his apartment was at. When he got to the door his wings disappeared. He opened the door and went down the stairs. The building was about four stories high. Matthew's apartment was on the top floor. He inserted the key and opened the door to his place. The atmosphere in his place was, calm and soothing the instant you walked through the door. He always kept a clean place. The air smelt of fresh roses from the garden. Matthew went into the bathroom and turn on the water for his shower. Matthew always enjoyed this time to himself, cause he was able to think and clear his head. Even though he liked his privacy and space, he also wished that he could have someone to love. He wished that his pure light would be a guy, who of course was like him. Matthew undressed, and stepped inside to let the warm, hot water hit his tan little lolita bbs pthc body. He turned his back so that the water was hitting his neck and shoulders. "With all this pure light business, and wanting someone, I really need to relax, and forget about the world sometimes." He thought as he lathered his torso up with lolita kiddies bbs pics soap. He was somewhat hung, and uncut, with a good patch of pubic hair that led to a nice treasure trail to his belly button. He washed his hair and turned off the water, and stepped out to dry this body. With a towel around his waist he left to the kitchen to get a drink. He opened the fridge and grabbed a pitcher of water. Feeling the refreshing cool water go down his throat, he looked at his answering machine that sat on the counter that separated his kitchen and the living room. "No messages today." He saw that the light was not flashing. Matthew walked into his room and undid the towel and searched for a pair of boxer briefs in his top left dresser drawer. He put on a black muscle shirt that accented his chest muscles. He went to the living room and sat on the black pillow leather couch. Looking at the window that faced him, he saw that sun was setting, and all the lights started to glitter bbs lolita top gallery against the orange, mauve, and pink sunset. Soon his eyes were telling him that they wanted to close. Matthew complied and closed his eyelids, and fell asleep. About half way from Matthew's apartment, a brown haired, blue eyed male was leaving work. "What a day! I stink, hot, sweaty, and I need a shower and quick!" He told his fellow coworker Crystal. "Man, I knew that we where busy, but you really do reek Dean!" They both laughed as they walked towards their cars. Dean pulled out his keys and unlocked his car door and got in. "Well, I'll see ya in a couple of days Crystal. I'm going to enjoy my few days off. I think after today, I deserve a good rest." Dean smiled and waved bye to Crystal. "Have a good one, and don't have too much fun." Crystal remarked and winked at him. Dean started his car and left towards the exit of baby rompl lolita bbs the parking lot. Dean didn't live that far away from his work. He parked his car by his apartment build and went inside. "Hello Mr. Dean, how are you today?" A female at the front desk asked. Dean smiled. "I'm exhausted and I stink real bad, other then that I'm doing okay Jaki. How about yourself?" Dean asked. "You know me dear, I'm always cheery and full of pep. Nothing will ever change for me." Jaki winked at Dean. "Don't ever change there girlfriend, we all love you." Dean pushed the elevator button. The elevator door slid open and Dean got it and hit his floor button. "Have a nice night Jaki, see ya tomorrow." He waved at her. Dean's apartment was on the second floor. His apartment was perfect for him, not to big and not to small. He tried to keep it as clean as possible. As soon as he entered he turned on the lights and locked the door. He took his coat off and checked his caller id to see who had called. He then checked to see if he had any voice messages on his voice mail. "Hey Dean it's me Daniel. I'm all horny and need someone to help me solve my problems. Can you be a sweetheart and help me out? Call me back." Dean heard Daniel's voice. Dean sighed as he hung up his phone on the charger. "Do I look like some sort of a slut to you lolitas nude little angels Daniel." Dean shook his head and took photo lolita nu gallery off his work shirt. His body was chiseled to perfection. On his chest was a growth of hair, but not too much. He went into the bathroom legal lolita pic archive to start his shower. He got fully undressed, showing his very well toned legs, and his smooth bubble butt. Dean was proud that he had a bubble butt, and the way he looked. He always took a walk after he had gotten home. His walked consisted of walking to the park that wasn't to russian lolita pedo porn far from his apartment, then walked back. This usually helped with the extra adrenaline that was still in him from working. Dean took his shower and dried off. He put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and grabbed his keys. On the first floor he went over to Jaki and gave her his keys, "I'll be back Jaki. I'm going on my usual walk.""Okay deary, be careful." Jaki smiled and put his keys in the desk drawer. Dean got his usual route that he has taken for many nights. Unknown to him someone was keeping a watchful eye on him. "Are you sure that he's on of them?" A voice came from the shadows. "Yes, can't you see the light outline of his body, but his light hasn't been released yet to it's full power, so we can't do anything about him right now. All we can do is watch him." Another voice spoke with a raspy voice. While real lolita modles ass Dean was walking he was thinking about his whole and how it went. Then his thoughts went to living by himself. He had never had a boyfriend in his life. Being 24, and dated, but nothing serious. He thought it was about time that he got serious about things. "I have so many things going on in my life, I should do something to make me and someone else happy." He continued to walk down the street. Unknown to him a circle of light started to glow. "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle, he must russian lollipop girls bbs of done something to trigger the light. Now we move. Be quick asian nude loli art and quiet about it. We don't need to have any troubles from any humans." One of the figures instructed the other. In front of Dean and black figure stopped Dean in his tracks. He started panicking. He started to turn around when; he bumped into another dark figure. "Well, what do we have here. It's a pure lighter, which possesses the light of pureness in his heart. This should be easy." The one dark figure held Dean by illegal lolita pre teens his arms. The circle of light around his heart emanated a brighter light, causing the dark figure that held him to let go. "Strong little bugger aren't you? Don't worry this won't hurt a bit." The dark figure held it's hand out to Dean's heart. Dean started to struggle in pain. At Matthew's apartment, Matthew sprung up quickly. "It has come, the pure light that I guard has unleashed his light. He is in deep and dangerous danger. Two dark lights have him. There is no time to delay. I'm just hurry and help him before those dark light thugs do anything serious." Matt and out to the roof and flew into the night sky. "Don't fear pure light I'm on my way." Matthew telepathically sent a message, hoping that his pure light would calm down. Dean was too much in pain to straighten anything out. He heard a voice in his head, saying that help is on the way. To Dean all his memories of his life flashed in his head. "Is this it? Is my life at this moment over with?" Questions where lolita art video topsites going through his head. Suddenly, the dark figure screamed in pain. It snapped Dean out of his questioning state and saw what had happened. A sword had gone through the dark figure's heart. Blood streamed down the sword. The sword then moved out of the body of the dark figure. The other dark figure quickly grabbed Dean and held a knife to Dean's throat. Matthew was a figure with wings. The area that they were in was not that well light so he could only make out an outline of figures. The wing figure disappeared. The dark figure forced russian preteen and lolitas Dean to move around in circles with him, watching his surroundings. Then there was a 'whoosh' sound from behind him, and the dark figure let go of Dean, leaving Dean struggle for air a bit. Dean heard a scream of pain as the dark figure being stabbed by the sword that the winged figure held. Both of the russian loli nude video dark figures dematerialized in thin air. The wing figure came close to Dean. "Please don't kill me." Dean managed to speak out with fear. "Do not fear, I'm not hear to kill you." The voice of the winged figure smoothly spoke. Dean russian underage preteen lolitas then realized it was the voice that had spoke preteen lolitas little preteens in his head. "You're the voice that I heard in my mind." "I am. But right now we must get out of here as soon as possible, for they may have contacted the others. Take my hand and we go quickly." The winged figure held out his hand to Dean. "Can we stop by my apartment so I can pick a few things up first?" Dean put his hand in the figure's hand. The winged figure picked up Dean. "We have to make it a quick trip. Just tell me where your place is. I'll fly us there." Dean told the mysterious winged figure where he live, putting all his trust in the stranger. They both took off in the night sky. In a couple of minutes they were in the alley way beside Dean's apartment building. The wing figures wings disappeared. "I shall have to follow you, in case others know where you are." The now wingless figure advised Dean. They both entered the build and Dean jogged to the desk. "How was walk, you made a fast on of it." Jaki smiled. "Jaki, I'm sorry for being in a hurry, could you please hand me my keys." Dean free lolitas bbs infantil spoke fast. "Sure hun, something wrong? Who's the handsome man you have with you?" Jaki asked. "I can't bbs guide lol bbs explain right now Jaki, I'll be gone for a few days. There's been a family emergency, and this is my cousin." nude lolitas 10 17 Dean quickly explained the situation. Dean turned around to see a man more then six foot, with dishwater blonde. "Man this is the stranger that saved me? Man is he ever nude pre kinder lolitas cute!" He thought to himself and then shook his head as they went to the elevator.While teen pages lolita art inside the elevator Dean got a good look at the stranger. "Thank you. I didn't get to thank for saving me back there. Why where those guys after me. You know don't you?" Dean shyly asked.The stranger sighed, "I guess I knew this was coming, first of all my name is Matthew. lolita teen thong models I am an angel sent to guard you pure light."Remembering that the figures said something about Dean being a pure lighter he looked at Matthew. "Those other two said something about being a pure lighter. What does that mean?" preteen lolita ls dream Dean questioned."You may not see it but, I'll make you see light circle around your heart." Matthew waved his hand over Dean's eyes.Dean felt a little strange and looked at the area his heart was at. His eyes widen with awe. "Why is that circle of light there?" Dean looked at Matthew for an answer."You lolitas young teen galleries are a pure light. That means you hold pure light in your heart. It also is a powerful weapon against Chaos, and the people that attack you, know as the dark lights. They fear preteen lolita girl nonnude the pure lights. They are sent on missions to find pure lights and take the power of the light and make it dark, causing Chaos' mission to cover the world in darkness. I am here as your guardian making lolita bbs 1000 pic sure that you are not harmed." Matthew explained."Chaos? Dark lights, this is all confusing to me." Dean admitted to his confusion."I'll have more time to explain as soon as we are safe from the dark lights. They will try to hunt you down, no matter what it takes." Matthew continued to explain.The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Both jogged quickly to Dean's apartment door. Matthew was keeping a watchful eye for any sign of danger. Once inside Dean grabbed a backpack and filled it with closes, phone numbers and hygiene products with freedom lolita bbs teen him. "I have everything, that I'll need for a couple of days." Dean pointed at his fully stuffed backpack. Both men left the apartment and this time used the stairs to get out of the building. Back in the alleyway Matthew formed his wings and picked real loli message boards up Dean, and they went soaring in the night sky. "Where are we going actually, if I may ask?" Dean held his arms tight around Matthew. "For now, at my my sweet angels lolita place. They will not find us there. You'll be safe." Matthew answered back. Dean started thinking about this situation he had just loli kds kdz rompl gotten into. "Is this what fate had planned for me?" He looked at Matthew's face, young naked lolita model and smiled just a little. "I have so safe in his arms. Strange, I really don't know him, but I think I like him. Besides being cute, he seems like my type." Dean then shook his head, "Get your head out of the clouds Dean. This is not the time to think of such things. But still I stick to what I think." They landed on top of a roof. Matthew let Dean stand by himself, while his wings faded free nude thumbs lolita away. "Follow me." Matthew instructed, as they both headed for the door that was on the roof. As soon as they got down the flight of stairs, Matthew opened his door and let Dean in. Dean couldn't see anything. It was dark in the room. Matthew turned on the light. Dean looked at living and just gasped in surprise. "Oh my god, this place is huge! I wished I lived here. Boy, I'm glad that I'm staying here." He thought to himself. "I'll let you have my room to sleep in. Don't worry about me, I'll use the couch, that fold out to a bed. I just have to grab a pillow, and some blankets and a few clothes." Matthew showed Dean his bedroom. Dean was in for another surprise when he saw the bed that he was sleeping in. At his apartment Dean only had a full bed, that's what he was used to sleeping in all his nights. Dean put his backpack on the queen sized bed and turned to Matthew, "I just want to thank you again, for what you did for me and what you are doing for me." Matthew smiled. "Don't worry about it. It's my duty and responsibility. sexo lolita foto gratis Now you might get some sleep, it's probably been a long day for you. Now that you found out you're a pure lolita top preteen nude light it's probably a more shock to your system. It's probably better for you to sleep on it so it will settle in." Dean nodded his head in agreement. "You're right. I have so many questions for you, but I think I'll dark galleries lolita teen wait until morning." "I'll answer all your questions as best as I can. Have a nice night." Matthew closed the door behind him. It cute preteen lolita butt was 2:45 in the morning, and Dean was still awake. The recent events that had happened rushed through his head. He moved off the covers and he and put on a robe that he grabbed from naked lola top 100 his place. He quietly opened the door so he didn't disturb Matthew if he was sleeping. Dean looked out of the windows and saw the view of glittering lights. He looked and saw Matthew stretched out on the hid-a-bed. As Dean was looking at me smiled. "He looks like an angel while he sleeps. HELLO! Dean he is an angel. Did you forget so soon?" Dean started laughing to himself, but not sveta model kid lolitas to loud that he wouldn't wake Matthew up. Matthew grinned and chuckled a little bit. Dean was caught off guard with pthc lolita rape gambar Matthew's laughter. "I'm sorry did I wake you?" Dean apologized. "In a way, but I was already awake. I just heard what you thought to yourself. Thanks for the compliment." Matthew opened his eyes and looked at Dean. Dean glowed with red. "You can hear my thoughts?" "That's what happens when you become a pure light." Matthew replied. "About this light business, what does this mean to me? Why me? What's the purpose?" Dean started to ask his so lolitas none nud models many questions. "Hold on there, one question at a time. First, it means that you have incredible powers to fight the forces of Chaos, like I said before. Why you, I don't know. It's part of your destiny." Matthew explained. "What happens from here then?" Dean added. "It means that you have to be on your very guard. Like I said the dark lights will try to hunt you down. They only do this during the night, cause they don't like pure light, the means the sun too." Matthew paused, "It also means that you have to learn to use your light to protect yourself and others in the time of need. I may be your guardian angel in a sense, but I can't always be around to protect and help you." "Where do I have to go to learn how to use this light power?" Dean questioned. "It's on an island, that is uncharted. For no one knows of it's existence. You'll train as the temple of pure light. Not even the dark lights know where it is, and you'll feel much safer there. We won't be there for a couple more days. This means that you have to cut off any ties with everyone in your life. Your friends your family, everybody. It sounds unfair, but if lolitas bbs picture gallery you love them that much, and don't want to the harm befall them, it's the only way." Matthew announced where they were going. Matthew could see the hurt on his face when he said he had to leave everyone he loved behind, never to see them. "That means I have to quit my job, and leave out of everyone's life." Dean said in a more low whisper. "I know this must be hard on you, but you can't lolitas to young nude help what the future plans for us." Matthew sat up. "What happens veary young lolita modles if one of those creeps find me and you aren't around?" Dean asked about the possibility. "I do know of a way that you can defend yourself. If the dark light is hit in the heart with a beam of true light they face instant death. All you have to do, since your of pure light of the heart is to gather that power in your hands or fingers and send it towards them. You just have to concentrate with your heart. Just think of all the things in your life that brings you joy and you'll feel the power within your heart. Just direct it to you hands and a beam should appear." Matthew explained to him how to use somewhat of his new found powers. "Oh, I'm so sorry top lolita ls magazine I didn't tell you my name." Dean started to say. "You're name is Dean Allison. You are 24 years old. You are gay, and you love the people in your life very much." Matthew smirked. "Oh I forgot you can read my thoughts." Both started laughing. "We share a bond, I can communicate with you, and you can communicate with me, mentally." Matthew talked to Dean using his mind. "Wow! That was just unreal! It's going to take sometime for me to adjust to this." Dean said with a smile. "Is that why you couldn't get to sleep? Cause you had to find out some information?" Matthew asked. "Yeah." Then Dean started to blush, "I don't know how you are going to take this, but is it alright if I slept with you. I feel more safe that way." Matthew just smiled. "I would be honored, thanks for asking." Dean went to the other side of the couch and laid down. Matthew gave Dean some covers. Dean snuggled up to Matthew. "Matthew, I have some more questions, please be honest to. But are you gay?" Dean felt awkward asking if he was gay. Matthew smiled and turned to him, "Yes." "I thought angels couldn't be gay." Dean was surprised. "Well, know you know there's a loop hole through everything." Matthew said as he looked in Dean's eyes. "Have you ever, you know had..." Dean felt more uncomfortable to ask him. "Had sex?" Matthew lolita free picture gallery finished his question. "Yeah. Tell if I'm getting to personal." Dean felt a little relaxed. "There are rules that us angels have to follow. One of them is we can not participate in any sexual activity, unless it's of pure love." Matthew explained. "So you haven't." Dean was a little disappointed. "It's okay. I'm a patient angel. Even we are a part of destiny's grand design." Matthew reassured Dean. "Don't you ever get lonely?" Dean asked some more. "I do, but I don't let it bother me. My time is coming." Matthew smiled. "Matthew, I'll be honest with you, ever since earlier, I started liking you. I don't know why, but there was something about you. You're presence. I had this warm gentle feeling coming from you. I've dated guys, but nothing ever serious, but I never felt that from them at all." Dean turned red for what he was admitting. "I kinda noticed it when we where at your apartment. I don't mind. You're being honest. I like that, don't lose that." Matthew rubbed his hand in Dean's dark hair. With this Dean felt a little better, more at ease. "Here, I'll do something that will ease your mind more so you can get some sleep." Matthew put non nude free loli his hand over Dean's chest. There was a soft gentle glow coming from Matthew's hand. "It feels so warm, calm, gentle." Dean started to feel better. Dean started to yawn, and close his eyes, "Thanks Matthew." Dean fell asleep instantly. Matthew just smiled and laid on his back. Dean put young lolitas top list his arm over Matthew's body. At first Matthew didn't know how to react. He put his hand over Dean's hand. Matthew felt a warm light coming from Dean. "You're so warm, so caring. In a way you're brave in your heart." Matthew thought to himself, and found he was getting tired. In the morning, Dean was waking from the sun shining on his face. He opened his eyes letting the light sting them. He yawned and moved closer to Matthew. Dean opened his eyes, and looked at Matthew. "He's not bad for being an angel. Even though he's the first angel I've lovely lolitas and nymphets met. This is to weird. I'm glad that he is my guardian angel though." Dean thought, not paying attention at a bulge started forming under the covers. He looked down, 13 yo lolita bbs and turned red. "I think it's time for me to go to the bathroom and take a shower." He looked over at Matt and saw that he was in the same situation. Dean tried to be silent and not laugh to hard. Carefully he got out of the bed and went to lolita top 100 galleries the bathroom. Dean turned on the water, and went to Matthew's bedroom to get some clothes. Dean quickly hopped into the shower. Matthew woke up to the sound of running water. He looked over to see that Dean was not there. "He must be taking a shower." Matthew looked down towards his legs and saw the bulge that was making its appearance known. Matthew turned red, "Hopefully xxx brazilian 12yrs lolitas he didn't see that there." "Good Morning!" Matthew sent a mental message to Dean. "Holy shit! What are you trying to do, make me slip and knock my head on the tub? Geez!! Scare the daylights out of me!" Matthew received Dean's message. "Sorry." Matthew apologized and couldn't help but laugh. "I can hear you laughing out there! You thought that was funny huh? I'd like to see you do almost slip and bump your head." Dean started yelling in Matthew's mind. A few minutes later Dean came out of the bathroom, humming a tune to himself. "It's all yours." He told Matthew. Matthew went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. "He,he, now it's my turn to scare the daylights out of him." Dean snickered to himself. Matthew was concentrating on getting cleaned when he received a message in his head, "MATTHEW!" Matthew lost his balance a little but got it back. He was unamused to what just happened. "Ha, ha, very funny. Okay you got me back. Let's promise not to send any messages to each other when we are showering. Agreed?" Matthew sent. A few seconds later Dean sent his message back, "Agreed." Five minutes later Matthew came out of the bathroom with a young girls lolita pics towel around his waist. He headed towards his room. A couple more minutes went by and Matthew came out ready for the day. "I have to leave to report what had happened last night. I don't know how long it will be until I get back. But you are free to eat anything. Don't answer the phone or the door. We must be careful okay." Matthew opened his apartment door. Dean nodded his head in agreement. "Here is a key so you can get in. I know you have to go to your job and explain things to them. So be on the look out." Matthew laid a lolita flat chest anal spare key on the in table by the door. About 1:00 in the afternoon, Dean grabbed the spare key and left for his apartment to pick up his car. He drove to his work beautiful lolita model photos and explained to his manager that something has come up and he has naughty loli bbs pussy to move. He went back to Matthew's house and started to get hungry. He went looking through the cupboards. He didn't find anything that he would like. So he just gave up on the idea. Dean started to feel a little tired. "I'll just take a quick cs magazine lolita island nap and go see Crystal, and great american lolita bbs tell her the news." Dean laid on the couch and drifted to sleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After she got off work, Crystal head for home. It was about eight o'clock in the evening. "It's too bad that Dean had to leave so quickly. Now how am I doing to hang out with to scope out cute guys?" She laughed to herself. "Well, aren't you a pretty pure lighter?" A dark low male voice surprised Crystal. "What? Who are you, you creep?" Crystal was unimpressed by the name he had given her. "I can see you haven't gotten your full potential, but I'll help you release your light with in your soul." The dark male said. He shot a spark at Crystal. "Was that suppose to hurt?" Crystal laughed. "What, why didn't that work?" The male asked. Dean left a note on the counter telling Matthew where he was, and the phone number that he could reach him at, and that he'd be back in a few. "Hopefully, he doesn't get to mad at me for doing this, but I want to say goodbye to Crystal." Dean just turned the corner of the street that Crystal lived on, when he saw a dark figure talking to Crystal. "A dark light? Why is he..." He cut himself short, "Don't tell me that Crystal lolita nude best paysites is a pure light? If she is I'll help her until her angel comes to help." nymphet lolita bbs kdz He swallowed a lump of courage in his throat. "Get away from me you creep!" Crystal struggled as the dark stranger held her tight. "Don't worry this will be fast." The dark light held her hands behind her back. The dark light felt a tap on his shoulders. "What?" The dark light turned around and met a clutched fist. The dark light let Crystal's hands go falling backwards. "DEAN!" Crystal shouted. "Come on Crystal, we have to go quickly." Dean grabbed her hand and pulled her with him. At that moment light glowed around Crystal's body. Dean looked in awe. "She's a soul pure light, just as Matthew said some of us are." He thought as he saw the light. "What are you looking at?" Crystal asked with a strange stare. "Matthew just waved his hands over my eyes so that I saw mine, maybe if I waved my hands over her eyes she'll see what I see." Dean had a brainstorm. Dean waved his hands over Crystal's eyes. "What was that for? OH MY GOD!!!" Crystal screamed in hysterics. "Calm down Crystal, I'll explain later, but he have to go." Dean hurried her to come with him. "Where do you think you're going with my pure light huh punk?" The dark light got in front of them both. Dean remembered what Matthew said about sending a beam of light at the dark lights when a dark light attacked. The circle around his hearts started to radiate with light and Dean opened his hands. A beam of light sent the dark light flying across the street. "Dean, how'd you do that?" Crystal asked in shock. "Like I said, I'll explain things later. Follow me." Dean advised her. They started to run down the street. "Is he following us?" Crystal asked. Dean looked and saw no one after them. Suddenly something had grabbed him by his ankle causing him to fall on his face. "Dean!!" Crystal screamed. Dean rolled and saw the dark light in the air with a whip, coming downwards at him. Dean put his hands together and sent another light beam at the dark light. The light had struck the dark light's left eye, causing the dark light to scream and cover his face. "Let's go now!!" Dean undid the whip, and got up lolita underground bear hug and ran with Crystal. "Come back here!" The dark light yelled and got up and ran after them. "I have to pure lights to kill. This will be fun, killing two birds with one stone." Once around the corner away from the dark light, Dean grabbed Crystal and hid her in a dark place. "Where did they go, they just couldn't of disappeared of thin air?" The dark light looked at the surroundings, and left. Both Dean and Crystal sighed forbidden little girl lolitas as he left. They waited until the dark light couldn't be seen. "I'll have to contact Matthew and tell him what happened." Dean thought and sent a message to Matthew. Matthew just preteen lolital free pictures got home, and called for Dean, but no answer. He saw a pre teen lola bbs note on the counter lol bbs houti gbook and read it. "Matthew, I hope it was alright if I said my last goodbye to Crystal. On the bottom of the note is where she lives and here's her number if you need to get a hold of me. If I meet a dark goon I'll send you a mental message. I'll be back. Dean "Well I'll let him do this, cause he is leaving everyone he knows behind." Matthew put the note down and smiled. Matthew just sat down, when he heard Dean's voice in his mind, "Matthew can you sweet little lolita spanking hear me?" "Dean, what is it? Are you okay?" Matthew heard panic in Dean's voice. "I'm okay, but a dark light attacked my friend Crystal, and get this she's a pure light of the soul." Dean explained to Matthew. "Where are you so I can get you guys to a safe place?" Matthew asked of their location. Dean told Matthew where they where, and Matt took of into the sky. "Matthew can you hear me? It's Myra." Matthew heard Myra's voice contacting him. "Myra, hopefully this is important, cause I have to help my pure light." Matthew sent nude lolita toplist model back to Myra. "I can't find my pure light, I saw where extreme young teens lolita she was when her light powers surfaced. I don't know where she is. Can you help me?" Myra answered back. Remembering what Dean just said to him about his friend, he told Myra where he was going and meet her there. Myra agreed and went to where Matthew instructed her to go. Meanwhile after mentally contacting Matthew, Dean was bombarded with questions from Crystal, "What the hell lolitas free sample videos is going on Dean? Who is that creep? Why did he call me a pure lighter? What is a pure lighter? And how on earth did you that with that light-laser thing?" "Not now Crystal, help is on the way, trust me." Dean tried calm and quiet little 89 lolita models Crystal down. Just then he heard someone call out his name. It sounded like a female was calling him. "Dean? lolita shy illegal lolitas Are you there Dean?" "Who's there?" Dean answered back."I'm a friend of Matthew's, he sent me to see if you're alright." The voice answered to his question.Dean came out of his hiding place. "Thank god you're ukrainian lolita preteen pics alright. Do you happen to have another pure light with you?" Myra asked him."Are you her angel then?" Dean pulled Crystal into the light."Ah, she's safe." Myra sighed."Who are you?" Crystal asked."I am your guardian angel sort preteen loli galleries girls to speak. My name is Myra, Crystal Iverson." She extended her hand to Crystal."Whoa. Hold on, did you just say angel?" Crystal was totally confused."She's taking it much worse then I did." Dean remarked."What are you talking about Dean?" Crystal snapped back as his comment."He is also a pure light just like you are. But he's a heart pure light. You're a soul pure light. I will explain everything to you, but we need to wait for Matthew to arrive so things can be told." Myra explained to Crystal.Just as Myra mentioned Matthew, Matthew flew young russain lolita nudes down to the join the rest of the group. At the sight of Matthew, Dean went over and hugged him. This caught Matthew totally off guard, but smiled and hugged him back. "Thanks for telling me how to use my powers there, guardian angel." Dean lightly laughed."I take it you had to use them?" Matthew asked."Yeah if I didn't, we wouldn't be standing in front of you." Dean explained as he let Matthew out of his hug."Not to rude, but I just met free little lolas model you, but don't they look cute together like a couple?" Crystal leaned into Mrya's ear.Myra looked at Matthew and Dean and couldn't help but snicker. "You're right, they do look cute together.""Hey! What are you two discussing over there? And don't lie!" Dean hot naked girls loli saw the two lady's laughing. "Oh, just that you two look cute standing there." Crystal told Dean the truth. Both Matthew and Dean blushed as they tried to avoid looking at each baby lolita 5yo vids other. "My Matthew I have never seen you this red before." Myra started making fun of Matthew. Matthew didn't say a thing. "Well then, this just moved the plans ahead. We must leave for the island tonight. Myra, take her to her place and explain things the best you can and meet us at my place." Matthew instructed Myra, as he picked Dean up. They both left their separate ways. As they landed on the rooftop Matthew looked at Dean, "It was a good thing that you went over to your friend's place or you would have lost someone important in your life. Thanks for contacting me and letting me know what situation you were in. If you would of gotten killed I could never lived with myself ever." Dean saw a soft and gentle side to Matthew that he never saw in a man before. He then saw the tear fall from Matthew's face as Matthew head to the door. Dean quickly followed Matthew. They got into the apartment. Matthew was about to close the door when the door was kicked open. "Daddy's home kids!" The dark light from the earlier encounter said. "YOU!!" Dean was about to send another beam at the dark light. The dark light sent a black line at Dean, causing Dean to be pinned up against the wall. Matthew generated a sword in his hand and charged towards the dark light. The dark light put his hand on the flat part of the sword and kicked Matthew in the back. "Well, this is turning out to be a fun night so far. Now I get to kill a couple of angels and pure lights in one night." The dark light laughed and pointed Matthew's sword at Matthew's throat. "Say good night angel boy!" The dark light drew the sword back. At seeing this Dean thought to himself. "I've got to help him, if I don't I'll kill myself. He saved me from cp lolita search ebay them last night. I owe him that much. But what can I do? I can't move! I care for him, and I don't want to see him killed! There must be something I can do!" Dean went over in his head. Then his pupils faded from his eyes. Light then filled them back. The circle around his heart began to pulsate. Over his head a ring of light was produced and light emanated from it. Then light surrounded his body. The light had over powered the dark light's weapon to hold him up against the wall. This caused the light in the room to glow much brighter. Matthew fearing for his life saw what was happening to Dean and became wide eyed in astonishment. The dark light saw this and turned around as soon as he was a massive amount of light glowing in the room. "What the..." The dark light covered his eyes from the intense brightness. "I send thee back into the shadows from where thee came from." Dean's voice sounded distorted. In the middle of Dean's body three circles joined and linked together. They then shot right towards the dark light. The dark light screamed in agony as it hit him in the heart area and vanished completely. Matthew stood up lolitas top pay sites and couldn't take his eyes off Dean. He walked over to Dean and looked at him. "Dean? Is that you?" Matthew asked. The light in his eyes faded away, bring his color back to his eyes. Dean felt faint and started to collapse. Matthew quickly caught him before he could fall any farther. "Dear lord what just happened?" Matthew thought to himself, "Could he possibly possess the pure lights of all three mind, heart and soul? He saved my life just know. tiny lolitas nudes fucked I should be grateful. But how did he manage to call on the other powers?" The door suddenly opened. Myra and Crystal came in and saw Dean in Matthew's arms. "Dean? What happened to him?" Crystal ran over Dean. "We were attacked by a dark light. I was going to kill him with my sword, but he managed to take it out under 18 lolita nudes of my hand and had it against my throat. He sent something at Dean to trap him against the wall. All of the sudden when the dark light was about to kill me, Dean then was glowing with all of the lights. He then sent something at the dark light that kill it." Matthew looked at Myra and explained. "He possessed all three lights? But is that possible?" Myra was a little shocked and looked at Dean. "He's okay, he's just exhausted. He needs to rest. I can barely feel his pulse. Whatever happened to him drained him of his energy." Crystal put her arms around Dean and pulled him up with her. Matthew then took him and put Dean on his back. "Grab that strap deal right there Myra." Matthew motioned towards the counter. Myra grabbed in and unstrapped the velcro. She then put the it under both Matthew's and Dean's free young lolita sleep crotches. She untightened it so it wasn't so tight. She then clip it secure. "Now he won't be able to fall during the trip" Matthew made sure it was on correctly and tight enough. lolita underage lolita rape "Well shall we be on our way alolita top list galleries then?" Matthew head towards the door. Crystal and Myra followed him and they went to the roof. "Well here we go." Myra said as Crystal was strapped onto her. tight little lolita pussy Matthew and Crystal took off with both of the pure lights on their back. "I hope Dean's alright. Whatever happened back there, I know that Nathaniel would give me some answers." Matthew said as he looked at Dean.I thought this would girlz loli nude picture be a good place to stop for now. I hope you enjoyed this chapter so far. I hope this was granpa porn lolita movies a little better then my other story. I would appreciate some feed back from people that read this. Please feel free to email me at . Thanks, I hope to hear from ya.
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